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Wednesday, July 18th 2007

8:05 AM


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Tuesday, May 30th 2006

12:49 PM

I have moved!!!!

Greetings!!  While I have had a spectacular time sharing my thoughts with you on Bravenet.com's free journaling service, I have decided to move my blog to a more ad-free environment of my own creation.  So, without further ado, I bring you:

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Tuesday, May 23rd 2006

1:13 PM

Our President, the fascist.

The President is planning on doing something horrible.  He is planning on persecuting journalists who merely do their jobs!  Watch more here!

Also, Here's a funny SNL clip about all the President's lies.
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Wednesday, May 17th 2006

2:53 PM

Bush found to be spying on reporters in order to trace leaks

Our government is scary.  Seriously.  We are as close to Nazi Germany as we've ever been.  Watch this video clip about Bush's illegal spying program, in which it is clear he is SPYING ON REPORTERS TO SQUELCH HIS DETRACTORS!!!  This is upsetting and a sick abuse of Presidential power.
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Wednesday, May 17th 2006

10:11 AM

Cryns #3 Interview on Perfect Porridge

I was just interviewed on one of the biggest (smallest) music review sites on the web!!  Click here to read the interview at Perfect Porridge!!
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Monday, May 8th 2006

4:11 PM

General Zod vs. General Hayden

Here is a video clip proving that Bush's nominee for the CIA, General Michael Hayden, does not have the slightest idea of what the 4th Amendment is.  This is AMAZING!!  This is SAD!!  This is Bush's "democracy"!!!

Additionally, Gen. Hayden reminds me of General Zod from Superman II  (See below):

Left to right: General Zod, General Hayden
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Friday, May 5th 2006

8:13 AM

Political double speak

Here's what we are dealing with on a regular basis:

"We are still putting together a plan that is almost exclusively focused on increased supply and conservation," said Senator Rick Santorum, Republican of Pennsylvania and chairman of the Energy Working Group.

The above quote is taken from a story about a botched tax rebate plan. 

(above: U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, one of the leading assholes in the world.)

For anyone who doesn't know, Senator Rick Santorum is one of the head mouthpieces of the Republican party.  He is a ridiculously polarizing figure lacking in common sense and morals.  But, what gets me fired up about this quote is that he is actually outlining the leading Republican energy plan

Does anyone else see the double speak here?  How can you increase supply while advocating conservation?  This is patently idiotic on it's face.  Does anybody think this makes sense in the least?  Is this the best our Republican Congress has to offer? 
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Monday, May 1st 2006

1:38 PM

Summer is coming!!

I'm pumped!  Summer is rolling around the corner, it's getting warm, I'm riding my bike, I'm scheduling some more rock shows, and I've begun working on my next album.  Things are looking good!  Additionally, I'm pumped about freeing up some more time to work on my Flash projects!  To top it off, I'm enrolled in a Flash Communication Server course for the summer!  Could it get any better?  Yes it could!

I'm planning on having my family up for a camping visit, Katy and Gus have committed to coming up for a weekend, it will be my first summer in Uptown, and I have a membership to the Y!  This is going to be sweet!!

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Thursday, April 20th 2006

10:14 PM


Hello.  Niki says I always post negative things on this blog.  Ryan says I never post on this blog.  I don't know who to believe.  I guess they are both right.

So here's something positive, and I think Ryan's grievance is now addressed.  I'm at Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream shop right now.  They have 20 different flavors of ice cream, all good.  I am drinking a hot coco, only now it is all gone.  Okay, maybe Niki was right.

I've been spending a lot of time on my web stuff, which includes tobycryns.com, lunchofchampions.info, westegg, and numerous other web ventures.  Throw work into the equation, and I am beat.  Plus, I am travelling to Illinois this weekend, which takes up more of my time.  Ugh. 

I think more people read this blog than I am comfortable with.  At first it was just me.  Now this blog gets about 500 hits per week.  Who are you people???
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Saturday, April 15th 2006

5:48 PM

Birthday today!!

Today I turned 27 years old.  This would be a great day so far had I not started my taxes for 2005.  Right now, TurboTax.com is saying I owe the state of Minnesota $1,400.  What the fuck is with that???

Plus, I screwed up this other blog I'm working on building...  I need to shower and clean my house now...
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